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LYNCAT is the mobile app your business was waiting for: a saleable and 100% manageable communication tool. Everything you expect from a product and what you need from a service. Be permanently connected with your customers.

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It's time to grow

LYNCAT is a product that will make you stand out, with a service that will help you to grow. A modern, elegant model of App adapted to your brand. Organize your time, manage content, communicate with your customers.

  • Product

    A mobile app for your brand, entity or company to a top-quality standard.

  • Service

    Administrator in the cloud: management of content and sections, sending push notifications, statistics etc.

Your 100% manageable App in 3 weeks. Ask for a demo.

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LYNCAT adapts to you and your company, offering different functions that you can choose for your App. As simple as defining the functions you want with our team. You choose, LYNCAT takes care of the rest.

  • Agenda +

    Inform all users of events with images, text and links. You can link to Google Maps and receive feedback from those attending in real time. Find out if you're a winner!

  • PUSH Notifications

    A powerful tool for direct communication with your users. Send unlimited messages to their phones from the backend.

  • Feedback

    A simple, easy survey system to get valuable information from your users. Your clients' advice is the best!

  • News

    Complete news module. As always with LYNCAT, 100% manageable from your cloud. Text, images and links with spectacular legibility.

  • Video

    The power of video in your App. Insert as many videos as you like from your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Content with movement.

  • Social Share

    Modules for your users to share content from your App directly to their social networks. Make your content more viral.

  • Adverts

    Manage and publish your own advertising banners in your App. Do you need to communicate any news? Here's your space.

  • Multi-App Mode

    Segment your business in channels, in the same App, with the features you like most. Cool for organizations with plenty to communicate.

We will train your team so they will start managing your new App in few hours.

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Efficient. Optimal. LYNCAT.

Forget massive App generators and endless bespoke development projects. LYNCAT is the application model that ensures the best entry into the mobile market.

  • A 100% manageable mobile App for your company.

  • A direct communication tool with your users.

  • An administrator in the cloud to manage your App.

  • A source of value-added information for your business.

  • An updated image of your brand.

  • Three weeks for implementation.

Do you need a demo?

LYNCAT is compatible with iOS and Android and is constantly updated.

Our commitment is to provide the mobile advantages with an efficient and optimised cost.

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How does it work?

LYNCAT is based on a quality standard that enables us to deliver your own 100% manageable App in just 3 weeks, with fully optimized costs. Our team takes care of everything. How do we do it?

  • Briefing

    We collect the main elements of your corporate image: logo and colour range.

  • Registration

    We activate registration of the service for your company and we open your own cloud space.

  • Image

    We adapt LYNCAT to your company's corporate image so you can start to enjoy your App.

  • Setup

    We set up the applications with the sections and contents you need.

  • Publication

    We take care of publishing your App in the main markets (Apple Store, Google Play).

Need some advice? Ask for a video-conference. It's a good start.

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Here's your opportunity

This is the apps market in Spain. Are you going to stay outside? LYNCAT gives you the possibility of including a new form of digital thinking, taking full advantage of the mobile. Your customers are already there. Thinking mobile is a #goodidea

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Let's start

Shall we start?

It's time to have your own App. It's time to connect with your customers. It's time to think mobile. Contact us and our team will provide you personal assessment. Another form of communication is waiting for you.

Where to find us

Actually we're in the cloud. But we had to put our tools somewhere :)

LYNCAT. Thinking mobile is a #goodidea
Parc Tecnocampus MatarĂ³-Maresme
Av/Ernest Lluch 32, Edifici TCM2
08032, MatarĂ³ (Barcelona)